Different roots, drawer hopping, jack of all trades device… …the right to sing the blues…

REVIEWS Excerpts
Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 21/01/2003

„Christian Brockmeier conjured [...] wonderfully beautiful miniatures even reminding of Abdullah Ibrahim in their best moments.“

Review of the concert of 07/06/2002 in the SATIRICON-Theater/ Essen

„Brockmeier moves between worlds [...], he is a border crosser who knows how to include quotes and to develop their messages even further; he is a wanderer who breathes in, transforms and newly interprets the peculiarities of different cultures. Thus he moves between styles and is always good for a surprise.“ (Michael Houben)

[NRZ, Christoph Giese 20/01/01]

„That had more of ruminant, ethno-engrained research. And sounded as such inspired and clearly.“

Review of the concert of ‚Brockmeier's Welt', J.O.E.-Festival/Essen [23/01/2000]

Enrique Bergemann at „An exceptional pianist. A border crosser.“

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