Schüler willkommen
Christian Brockmeier
Zitat 1
Jazz Quartett
Christian Brockmeier

Hi, there...

after years of teaching I finally decided to buy a new machete in
order to enter the freelancin' jungle again. Now I am lucky to have
the chance to hunt with some quite interesting predators now and then.
No, no predators. They are scouts. Each of them as apt as can be.
Wherever you want to go, they have been there before many times.
And they follow you effortlessly to wherever you might want to roam.

After some enjoyable standard gigs this quality makes me work on some old and new original material again, which I hope to be able to record anytime soon. Just in case you are interested in some info about my past and present activities, you can find it here:

- Wikipedia (german)

- SoundCloud

- Facebook

- Gigs

Christian Brockmeier