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Bedtime Story
Christian Brockmeier

The story of the little blue planet (a bedtime story) - page 1:

Do you already know the little blue planet? No? Well, then I will not hesitate to tell you a short story about him. He was the only blue planet far and wide and that he was rather proud of. Although it was not down to him. Like all planets he had been going through a turbulent childhood. But now he had made himself rather at home, near enough to his sun to bring the laundry once a week, but far enough so that she would not drop by every now and then cleaning the windows or giving tiresome advice.

This little planet had a hobby. At some point he had become apparent that he enjoyed letting grow little things upon his surface. Because sometimes he felt pretty lonesome, this single blue planet far and wide. So he invented this game, that as I said consisted in letting crawl all sorts of things upon his skin. That was fun and it tickled so nicely. Especially funny he considered these things growing and prospering, reproducing, passing off again, being born again. Developing. This entire nice swarm he called „life“.

That did very well for quite a long time now. In the mean time he couldn‘t even remember, how, when and why he had been hitting on that game and that peculiar name.

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