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Bedtime Story
Christian Brockmeier

The story of the little blue planet (a bedtime story) - page 2:

Everything went fine straight away and could have last for eternities like this. But some day he caught something evil. Just at a time when it was most beautiful.

But this tiny new creature, which at first had been showing so much promise and of which he had been pleased so much in the beginning, in fact was a dangerous pathogen.

“Mankind”. Too stupid!

In the beginning it had just been itching strangely here and there. But then everything evolved terribly fast. The incidental itching had increased overnight to an ulcer that already had spread all over his whole body, emitting toxic fumes and threatening to give him the finishing stroke. He already had become pretty grey. Where the hell was all the beautiful blue? Deeply he lay in fever. By a hair‘s breadth it had carried him off indeed. In order to nurture him and to ease at least his chills a little bit luckily the sun came by who simply could not longer stand watching all this mess. She beamed and beamed. And it grew warmer and warmer.

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