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Bedtime Story
Christian Brockmeier

The story of the little blue planet (a bedtime story) - page 3:

Not that the sun had been studying medicine and stuff. But obviously her intuition had found out exactly the right method, while the warmth deprived the germs from their breeding ground and so they simply extincted after a while.

So our planet finally was saved by a bell… This is a fortnight ago now and the little patient was already able to keep down his first clear chicken stock. It definitely looks like he will make it. However he will have to abstain from all his other little nice toys right away. For they have been wiped as well along with this drastic cure. There was no other way. But as I suppose he is quite fine with that. After all. Maybe one day he makes himself some new ones. If his blue returns, that is.
In two years or so, maybe.
Keep your head up high now, little silvergrey planet. You‘ll do it. Either way… … …
So, my dear, this was the story of the little blue planet. Turn off the lights now and sleep quickly.
Tomorrow is a new day, as a matter of fact.

[Christian Brockmeier, 2007] ©2007-2016 auf deutsch (PDF) in english (PDF)

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